Keyword Auto-Reply Feature
Step 1:
Once you’re logged in, go to a specific phone number.
Step 2:
The Keyword section is found directly under the “Number” listing when the phone number is being used for "SMS Conversations & Voice”.

What Keywords allow you to do is to have an automated response whenever someone texts a specific thing back to your system.

For example, if you have a Keyword for “Thank You” then when someone texts that back in response to you sending them a text reminder for something, then you can have an automated response that says “You’re welcome."
Step 3:
You can create new Keywords by clicking “Add Keyword” or edit or delete them from this page as seen below.
Step 4:
When creating or editing a keyword, you can also add a specific tag to the contact in InfusionSoft.
Example Uses:

1. As a way to get out of having to respond to a wave of general politeness when delivering a free report or message via texting.

2. A way to interact with contacts by offering free content when they text a keyword to a specific number.
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